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Navarro Azorín

Manufacturer of furniture fitting, handles and knobs.

Navarro Azorín, a Spanish company founded in 1967, is now one of the leading manufacturers of furniture fittings in Europe.

With a Spanish design and production but an international vocation, Navarro Azorín now makes and sells knobs and handles in more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Have a look at our extensive catalogue of furniture handles and be enthralled by the know-how of a family company that has a track record of more than 50 years and is a supplier of many of the leading firms in the international furniture sector.

Using the three most available raw materials in the sector: zamak, aluminium and ABS, plus the best technology and professionals, Navarro Azorín provides designers, distributors and furniture manufacturers with a wide range of solutions to enhance the design and the features of the furniture.

Browse through our catalogue or downland it, so that it is easier to work with and it is at hand whenever you need it. Find out how Navarro Azorín can help you take a qualitative leap forward in the design of your furniture.

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