News image Sicam 2019 news

We don’t beat about the bush; when it comes to developing our products we still rely on the best Spanish designers.

On this occasion it was Carlos Tiscar, ACDV Oro 2019, German Design Award Winner 2018, IF Design Award 2018 (to name just a few of his latest achievements), who was in charge of designing our zamak GEN handle collection.

GEN moves along a subtle, ostensibly simple...

News image The cheapest handles

Production that is based on cheap labour costs, which favours the lack of fundamental human rights, and in a highly polluting industry where cheap furniture handles and accessories are made, of course.

We are well aware of it. In fact, Navarro Azorín had part of its production process in China for a while. During that period of time, having seen the idiosyncrasy of these production systems and the...

News image Interzum 2019 news

What a week! At Navarro Azorín during Interzum the majority of our sales team from Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Russia, Greece and Germany came together to display our new designs, our new catalogue and our new corporate image.

Our new corporate image caused quite a stir. Although our company has a track record of more than 50 years we feel younger than ever. Proof of this is the brave and daring idea developed for us by the prestigious graphic design...

News image Interzum 2019


We want to see you at our Interzum 2019 stand this year more than ever.

We are really looking forward to seeing you and hear your opinions about our new designs. What you tell us is very important for us because our company moves where you tell us to.

We will have innovative aluminium profiles on display, aluminium and zamak handles … which...

News image Bauhaus
100 years of design

Have a look around you. Yes, now.

I am sure that some of the objects that surround you at the moment have been inspired and are in line with one of the most important trends of the 20th century world of design, the Bauhaus.

This year 2019 we celebrate the...

News image What should your furniture be like in 2019?
Keep reading this article and get the clues you need to really do well with the design of your furniture this year.

In an era that is branded by technology, Big Data, the increase in solitude, the environmental problems, it should now be the time to look for the personal authenticity and truth to ask ourselves: what change can I make as a person that will have a positive effect on my life, my family and my work? And, by extension, in society as a whole?

Michelle Ogundehin for the magazine De Zeen

(Writer, design consultant. Ex-editor-in-chief of ELLE...

News image 2018 handles news
Sicam 2018 news

With more new products than ever before (we had 13 new models on display!), and with more visitors than ever before, we are really tired but very happy. In terms of its results Navarro Azorín ended the SICAM 2018 on a spectacular note.

Thanks to the Navarro Azorín sales team we got to hear the impressions of hundreds of visitors from Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and France at Pordenone who visited our stand...

News image Art-nouveau, art-deco, vintage and retro handles

Any handle that “looks old” isn’t necessarily a “classic”. Indeed, we often use this term for many different styles and trends, even though they are enormously different from each other and were developed in different periods in history, in Architecture, Painting and Decorative Arts.

The Art-Nouveau style (this was called Modernism in Spain), was an artistic trend at the end of the 19th century and the...

News image Special fittings designs. Unique designs

At Navarro Azorín we work with very special clients. The exclusiveness and the desire to design unique furniture means that leading international furniture design companies look for distinct innovative designs in its knobs and handles.

Although we have almost 300 standard handle and knob references in our catalogue, many of our clients prefer to design them...

News image Zamak

What is zamak?

As a professional, we are sure that you have used the word zamak on many occasions (just like we have) to talk about the raw material that many of our handles are made of, but…do you know what zamak is really made of?

ZAMAK is not a metal, strange as it may seem, but rather an alloy whose name is a German acronym of the components that it is made of


News image What was new in Milan 2018?
Couldn?t you make it to the Milan furniture trade fair? Don?t worry!

With almost 2000 exhibitors, thousands of people strolling along its aisles every day and even stands where visitors had to wait patiently in the queue to get in. Once again the Milan Furniture Trade Fair 2018 was an event that attracted architects, decorators, furniture makers and professionals from all around the World.

The big companies, especially European firms, from the furniture sector made it very clear what the new trends for kitchen units and household furniture will be...

News image Welcome to our new web


In April, 2018 we have launched a new website for you, which is much more accessible, easier to use and it has our entire updated catalogue.

It is a way to get closer to you and be able to help you choose those knobs and handles that will enhance the look of your furniture taking it to another level, either by checking the details of each product through the website or by enabling you to download our catalogue online.

We make sure that our website is updated...

News image M&M Colombia 2018

Together with our friends and distributors in Colombia, Migra Superficies (, Navarro Azorín had the opportunity to display its products at the 14th edition of the Bogotá Technological & Industrial Trade Show of Wood and Furniture.

From the 7th to the 10th of March part of our sales team travelled to Bogotá to greet the many Columbian visitors, from the...

News image New days with designers

On the 26th of February, 2 groups of furniture designers/opinion leaders were invited to our facilities for the presentation of our new catalogue.
Manolo Durán, Miguel Ángel Andreu, Paco Sales, Enrique Pons, Carlos Tiscar and Sergio Pérez had the opportunity to express their opinions about the new products and of course, discuss their needs when it comes to the design of knobs and handles for their creations.
Navarro Azorín has been...

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