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With more new products than ever before (we had 13 new models on display!), and with more visitors than ever before, we are really tired but very happy. In terms of its results Navarro Azorín ended the SICAM 2018 on a spectacular note.

Thanks to the Navarro Azorín sales team we got to hear the impressions of hundreds of visitors from Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and France at Pordenone who visited our stand to know our news in handles and knobs.

Handles exhibition Navarro Azorin

Would you like to find out about our new products for yourself? We are certain that some of your furniture designs would look great with one of our designs added to them.

Our aluminium edge pulls 7400 and 7401, have a smart simplicity that is true to Italian style. It is a very slim profile of just a bit more than 1mm thick, which has a good enough grip on its edge to guarantee its ergonomics without affecting the purity of its lines.

7401 handle

The gola profile handle 7402, based on our former model 7384, has reduced the total height of the profile by 5mm to decrease its visual impact in a clever redesign.

 Handle 7402

Power to the imagination. We have made the absolute most out of the potential of just one aluminium profile handle to be able to develop 3 models that, apparently, have very little to do with each other. By combining different designs and machining, it is unbelievable that our models 7403, 7404 and 7416, come from the same profile, and they have been designed for such different uses such as household, kitchen or bathroom furniture. 

The 7404, modern and sophisticated (spectacular in shiny chrome, by the way), has been sweetened up and made more organic in our 7403 to become an impressive handle in the 7416.

7404 handle

7416 handle

One model that was definitely in the limelight was our 7411 and its variant the 7413. The profile handle 7411 is a bold and sassy profile, with a wide edge plus a perfect grip and the more refined version of this with its smaller edge is the model 7413.

 7403 handle Navarro Azorin

However, when it comes to handles, our 7412 was the star among all our innovative products. A spectacular design, fitted with an ingenious assembly system to produce unique profiles that make the handle completely blend into the piece of furniture. Perfect to be used horizontally and vertically, it stirred up real passion.

 New handle 7412

But not all the new products of NA were handles. After many intense months of work in our design team, we were finally able to present our two aluminium profile systems for doors and drawers.

It is common knowledge that metal is going to be one of the most popular resources used in furniture design in the next few years and leading international furniture design firms are corroborating it.

At Navarro Azorín we are already predicting this trend in furniture that will be full of large metal profiles on cupboards, countertops, doors of all kinds of furniture and large metallic structures that actually support the piece of furniture will be used to recreate a post-industrial past dominated by minimalism.



Our new collections of structural and edge profiles have been created in line with this new trend.

For thicknesses of 16 and 19mm our edge profiles, with a simple screw-on assembly on the back side of the piece, cover the edges of doors and drawers with aluminium by integrating different types of handles and making the whole assembly one single structure that highlights and enhances the furniture, or the front of wood, ceramic or vitreous surfaces.

Aluminium profiles and handles

Spoiler: In our edge profiles, everyone was asking about our combination 9020+7384M.

 9020+7384 alu profile and handle



For 4mm glass or ceramic panels, the structural profiles are used to support the construction of the door or the drawer, so they have two functions, one as a constructive element and the other as a decorative element. The handles blend in perfectly with the profiles and the range of finishes available favour a type of versatility that hardly exists on the market.

 Aluminium profile Navarro Azorín


When it comes to finishes and colours, we just have to say that the future is very black for us; ) , very black and very shiny chrome.

The black was a clear winner as the favourite finish among our visitors in a trend that will stand out in the next few years, although nobody in the bathroom and kitchen world is willing to sacrifice the spectacular prominent shiny chrome on the handles and knobs that are now available in such generous sizes.

Do you want more information on this? At Navarro Azorín, a Spanish company that makes 100% of its products, and has more than 50 years? experience, we have a large sales team ready to help you and advise you.

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