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What a week! At Navarro Azorín during Interzum the majority of our sales team from Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Russia, Greece and Germany came together to display our new designs, our new catalogue and our new corporate image.

Our new corporate image caused quite a stir. Although our company has a track record of more than 50 years we feel younger than ever. Proof of this is the brave and daring idea developed for us by the prestigious graphic design studio 27p8, an image created to impress everyone and it has been used in our stand and in all our graphics.


As you know the use of visible metal elements on furniture is now a well-established trend. This was obvious at the last two editions of the Milan Furniture Trade Fair and of course, at Navarro Azorín we want to help you incorporate this trend into your furniture.

Big news! We had 5 aluminium profile collections for furniture on display, which were a great success and they are a great solution for this demand.

Our Pilos collection, with a very reasonable price and a simple edge assembly, manages to cover wooden doors in aluminium with an integrated handle.


The Esco collection, a structural profile for 4mm thick elements, has up to three different handles that blend in perfectly with this profile.


The Norma collection, for glass and wood is based on a simple 20 mm profile that can be combined with a minimalist handle or with two bold and angular profile-handles that give it a distinct personality. There is also a version of the latter two available for wood, which means that combining the same look for glass doors and wood doors has never been easier.

The three-dimensional projection gives our Cumbro collection a very special and totally trendy look. Combined with two profile handles, one straight and one curved, with different machined options, they have made this collection one of the most popular among our clients at Interzum.


Our Ciclos collection was definitely a hit. With its impressive profile handle that is almost 40mm high, it is clear proof of the new trend to incorporate metal into the furniture. Combined with the same profile-handle for wooden doors, the symbiosis is perfect.

However not only did we have profiles on display, some of our handles also had a very exclusive spot at our stand and they caught everyone´s eye. These included our ELUNO collection and our 7419.

The ELUNO collection, made up of a 230 mm handle and its matching knob, was designed by one of the most internationally renowned studios. Yonoh Creative Studio. Winner of the most prestigious awards Red Dot, IF Design Award, Good Design or the Wallpaper Design Award, Yonoh and Navarro Azorín have worked together to create this unique collection.


Organic and plant-based, the ELUNO collection is far removed from conventionalism and it has made a huge impression on the design world of accessories used to enhance furniture.

Our recessed handle 7419, angular and available in various lengths, makes young, bathroom and household furniture versatile. By simply changing its finish it can be adapted to any style. It is really a mimetic accessory!


These have been the most interesting new designs that Navarro Azorín had on display at Interzum. We would like to show you them directly very soon to get your opinions on them so that we can help you enhance the design of your furniture with our products.


Until then, best wishes.

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