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Have a look around you. Yes, now.

I am sure that some of the objects that surround you at the moment have been inspired and are in line with one of the most important trends of the 20th century world of design, the Bauhaus.

This year 2019 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of its birth and Navarro Azorín, the company that has been associated with Design for more than 50 years, just couldn’t overlook this event.

Our founders, Juan Navarro and Maria Santa were children when the Bauhaus, which disappeared a few years ago, started to work its way into their daily lives and that of all the Europeans through architecture and especially, everyday objects.

The idea of the democratization of design, in which a distinction between social classes is not made now, in which the functionality and the aesthetics go hand in hand, was one of the maxims of its founder Walter Gropius and also of its other directors: Mies van der Rohe and Hannes Meyer.

Cleanness of lines, sobriety, functionality and above all the development of a global trend that leads all the artistic and creative disciplines towards the same creative universe, are some of the achievements of this school.

In fact the Bauhaus laid the foundations of what today is the industrial, graphic and typographic design that is still fully valid now.

Great artistic geniuses of the 20th century such as Paul Klee or Kandisnky joined the movement of the Bauhaus in the very beginning.

With regard to the artistic realms such as that of photography, it is at that time when this discipline starts to be used as a creative solution where graphic design, collage, typography and photography itself are combined to take one more step towards uniting techniques and disciplines.

Have you seen the new image of Navarro Azorín? We have already said that we are the heirs of the Bauhaus ; )

Its creators, labelled socialists and Jews by the Nazi regime, left Germany to start a tour around the USA, Israel, Russia and other countries where they planted this seed whose benefits can still be reaped today.

The idea of “the function of the object, first” and the desire to look new and modern as well as having been created by the Bauhaus were exploited enormously later on in the design of the 1960s.

To produce beautiful, magnificently designed objects, now mass reproduced industrially and affordable for any social class, it was necessary to establish rational mechanics in the design that covers all the disciplines and among them, of course, furniture and cabinetmaking.

The union of art and industry and the trust in the machine and the technique adopted by the Bauhaus has also been part of Navarro Azorín since its beginnings.

The existence of the Bauhaus can be made out in the contemporary furniture today more than ever. Metal furniture combined with wood or leather. Functionality and the use of basic lines and shapes, beyond any artifice.

But the Bauhaus handles? In the Navarro Azorín catalogue there are examples of what the pieces would be like, which are very well appreciated by the members of this school. In fact, their current followers use us to come up with pieces that are full of design and functionality.

Bauhaus Handles by Navarro Azorín:

The combination of aluminium and craftsmanship in leather together with the functional nature of our handle 7524.

Bauhaus handles

Frank Lloyd Wright, undoubtedly, inspired the design of our Bauhaus 7004 handle.

Bauhaus handles

Maximum beauty, pure sensitivity. Our architectonic 7003.

Bauhaus handles


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