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News image Special fittings designs. Unique designs

At Navarro Azorín we work with very special clients. The exclusiveness and the desire to design unique furniture means that leading international furniture design companies look for distinct innovative designs in its knobs and handles.

Although we have almost 300 standard handle and knob references in our catalogue, many of our clients prefer to design them themselves (that is to say, together with our design team), the special and exclusive handle that the piece of furniture needs to make it stand out from the rest, which will be on display at major international furniture trade fairs that are visited by many other furniture makers that want to be “inspired”.

Yes; on many occasions you would have seen furniture made by universally famous furniture design brands that use exclusive handles and knobs made by Navarro Azorin at trade fairs like those held in Milan, Cologne or Paris.

At Navarro Azorín we have made special and exclusive handles out of aluminium or zamak for many years.

Being one of the very few handle and knob manufacturers that is capable of developing projects of this kind has put us at the forefront when it comes to satisfying the requirements of our most exclusive clients.

We could say that Navarro Azorín has become a benchmark in the design and manufacturing of special handles for furniture and this is now one of our traits that is the most valued by our clients.

Our design team can get the client’s ideas and give them shape by means of drawings, planimetry and 3D printing until their idea finally turns into a real object. Being a manufacturer with a track record of over fifty years, with its own machinery and staff required for all the production processes in our factory in Spain will always guarantee the total success of the project.

As we always have control of the design and the production, we avoid any nasty surprises that could arise if the designs were outsourced to external companies and importers, designs which would inevitably be condemned to be passed around and which on many occasions, are sold on the market as an end product before the interested party has even presented its model to the public.

We carry out extremely thorough tests on our special knobs and handles made at our factory. This means that we can simulate the most extreme conditions that they could be subjected to in real life in our salt spray test chamber (where we can check their resistance to corrosion and rust); calculate the thickness of the finishes using our X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. All the care possible is well worth it when it comes to supplying our most exclusive handles and knobs.

Any more details? Nothing is as exclusive as your furniture handle engraved with your brand name, something that, of course, we do with laser at our factory.

Of course, if you want exclusive and unique knobs and handles you can definitely trust in Navarro Azorín. If you want to launch the design of your furniture on another level, you can count on us to help you.

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