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What is zamak?

As a professional, we are sure that you have used the word zamak on many occasions (just like we have) to talk about the raw material that many of our handles are made of, but…do you know what zamak is really made of?

ZAMAK is not a metal, strange as it may seem, but rather an alloy whose name is a German acronym of the components that it is made of

Zink (Zinc)

Aluminium (Aluminium)

MAgnesium (Magnesium)

Kupfer (Copper)

This alloy was invented by a North American company from New Jersey in the “crazy” twenties and since then, it has become a common raw material used in sectors like the automobile industry, electricity, jewellery and of course in the world of fittings.

Zamak handle by NA mod.Rhein

Navarro Azorín uses zamak in its collection of Design Z knobs and handles and in many of our recessed handles. As it is an alloy with good mechanical properties, it can be painted, chrome plated and machined, it provides us with an excellent base to create high impact designs such as our Elbe handle for furniture by NA, or Toya model.

Snice. Zamak handle design by NA

The zamak is delivered to our factory in Yecla (Spain) in ingots to be melted and cast in our own furnaces to therefore be able to create a huge range of products with this “miraculous” alloy that is injected in our moulds and then cooled and solidified.

Would you like to know anything else about how we make our knobs and handles? Feel free to watch this video where you can see the whole production process of this genuinely Spanish company that has mastered the art of making unique pieces, which are perfect to highlight the beauty of your furniture, for more than 50 years.

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