Recessed handles by Navarro Azorin
Recessed Handles

Recessed handles

Recessed Handles

The recessed handles by Navarro Azorín are the perfect solution to open your doors and drawers without anything sticking out of your furniture. Due to aesthetics and safety, the recessed handles have been a favourite for years and now they are enjoying their second golden era. Navarro Azorín has reinvented them, which is now in the furniture market to stay.

The recessed fittings are a great way to grip drawers or doors, by means of machining work on the front of the piece of furniture, without having any elements sticking out.

The recessed handles for furniture are made of different raw materials such as   zamak and ABS and some of the models can also be made to order according to the client’s wishes. From the pop style of our Toya 3027, to the revamped contemporary look of our recessed furniture handle Daido 7397, this collection of recessed handles and knobs is a great success.

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