Aluminium profile framed cabinets

Profile framed cabinet doors

Profile framed cabinet doors

The use of metal, and to be more precise aluminium, is truly a very trendy resource for furniture. The aluminium profiles help to frame, build and enhance the visible elements of the furniture like profile framed cabinet doors.

The structural aluminium profile is used as a constructive support to frame 4mm panels, the edge or harpoon aluminium profiles are perfect to finish off the wooden doors with exactly the same frame as the 4mm material used (glass or ceramic panel).

The aluminium profiles for wardrobe doors, kitchen cabinets, drawers of vanity units and  doors of home furniture means that your glass or ceramic panel cabinets can be combined with exactly the same design and finish as your wooden doors.

Navarro Azorín is proud to present its aluminium profile catalogues in which the six collections range from the cheapest and most subtle aluminium profile to the most strikingly vibrant piece, so that you can choose the design that suits your furniture the best.

From the Pilos Collection to the Talos Collection, Navarro Azorín has its entire range of aluminium finishes, from the high gloss chrome to any colour that you need so that the aluminium profiles blend in with your furniture.

Discover everything that we have available for you by downloading our catalogues here

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